seatr* Akzaman Logistics maritime transport services as soon as possible with all types of shipping your cargo is carried. Land freight transport services
are not limited to. Our services include maritime and river transport are also available. This study branches of the maritime transport
Our team is interested.
* Akzamann Logistics, customers, maritime and inland waterway (river road) offers transportation services with the lowest freight rates.
* The main reasons for the widespread practice of maritime transport costs low, reliable transportation and intercontinental transport is not possible.
Akzaman Logistics’ team of sea freight, freight forwarding services are provided on the following. * Handling the preparation of documents
* Calculation of freight;
* Load in the preservation and protection of the port;
* Container transportation;
* Customs clearance procedures;
* Quarantine procedures;
* In Port forwarding services;
* Ship to kiralat
* The river-sea transport;
* Consulting hizmetleri.çog time maritime transport, combined transport is one of the elements making up. Therefore maritime department, the company is in close cooperation with