* Akzaman railway transport logistics according to the type and characteristics of the load, from any station specified by the sender as soon
Performs shipping.
* Akzaman Logistics’ offered to customers in rail freight transport is one of the. Large commercial railroad companies with tight
Through cooperation and trade agreements signed Akz Time Logistics offers its customers the most advantageous form of transportation.
Customer’s request, the company’s rail freight transport as required by the authority of the Department of Transportation will perform with wagon types:

* Container (3 t., 5 t., 20 ft., 40 ft. High Cube),
* Covered wagons,
* Half wagons,
* Railway ramp,
* Tank Wagon,
* Railway transport services that give our team:
* For transit and import-export freight forwarding services,
* Organizational issues and consultancy services related to rail transport operations,
Akzaman our customers superior service quality and professionalism of our team reach Xiamen Logistics rail.